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         Thank you for visiting this website. My name is Harrison Vickers and I’m the owner and operator of ProActive Therapeutic Massage, a sole proprietorship located here in Phoenix, Arizona. I spent 27 years of my life in Chicago, Illinois during which time I served in the Navy, received a bachelor’s degree at Loyola University, and worked as an independent corporate trainer for 20 years. After a family tragedy in 2003 and some pretty intense soul searching, I left Chicago and the corporate world to follow my heart as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am extremely proud of and very grateful for my practice as a Body Worker, and very happy to talk to you about it.

         Most people experience muscle pain on a daily basis and call it “normal” or “life.” What most people don’t know in fact is that normal is when the body is functioning optimally and pain never or rarely occurs. Normal does not equal pain. It's not too difficult a concept when you consider that’s how the body was designed, to live healthy and free of pain and disease. But almost by definition, to have a body is to throw it out of balance on a regular basis. Having a body that’s out of balance does cause some aches and pains. So while pain may be common in every day experience, it doesn’t need to be debilitating. In fact, most muscle pain can be managed by you when given proper information about your body and why you experience pain.

I created ProActive Therapeutic Massage for you and for others who are serious about making themselves well and doing what it takes to stay well. It is my greatest joy and most profound moment to be witness to your health improvements. Even more profound is to actually see you functioning as the healer in your own life.

Here’s to your life and your health!

Click here to schedule a massage!Harrison Vickers, Owner/LMT
ProActive Therapeutic Massage


ProActive Therapeutic Massage's mission is to provide massage as an alternative or complementary form of healing in a comfortable and inviting, safe and professional setting. We don’t compete with other institutions to imply that we have something they don’t; we offer modalities that complement and enhance the client’s current forms of therapy, or we offer therapy where once there was none. This especially includes teaching people to understand their body and to offer guidance on what they can do on a regular basis to prevent injury and illness. Ultimately, our goal is to shift the public’s perception of massage from self indulgence, to massage as preventative care. Our intention is to leave each and every client feeling refreshed and invigorated, whole, and very much alive.

An individual’s health and well being is the privilege of the client, and not of his or her care provider. It is an individual’s right to seek out the most appropriate form of healing for him or herself. ProActive Therapeutic Massage stands as a catalyst for the client’s health and well being. We provide useful and practical information about the body for our clients to use on an everyday basis. Armed with accurate information, our clients learn to work with their body in an attempt to understand the language of the body. Ultimately, the client begins to listen to his or her body with a new found respect and awe for the task with which the body has been charged, that being life.

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